Bennett Helm

Paper: Objectivity, Rule Following, and Joint Commitment
Co-authored with Daniel Kaplan

In this paper, we intend to give criticism of John Haugeland's account of truth and objectivity, developing it in turn by appeal to the idea of a joint constitutive commitment made intelligible by interpersonal patterns of emotions, and finally drawing out some implications for psychology and cognitive science.

Bennett Helm is Professor of Philosophy at Franklin & Marshall College. His work focuses on the role of emotions in constituting a variety of evaluative attitudes (such as caring, valuing, loving, and respecting) and so their place in an understanding of the mind in general and moral psychology in particular. He is the author of Emotional Reason: Deliberation, Motivation, and the Nature of Value and Love, Friendship, and the Self: Intimate Identification and the Sociality of Persons, and is currently working on a third book tentatively titled Defining Moral Communities: Respect, Dignity, and the Reactive Attitudes.