Lera Boroditsky

Paper: Beyond the physics: How languages help us construe and construct

How are we able to think about things we can't see or touch?

Lera Boroditsky is an assistant professor of psychology at Stanford University and Editor in Chief of Frontiers in Cultural Psychology. Boroditsky’s research centers on how knowledge emerges out of the interactions of mind, world, and language, and the ways that languages and cultures shape human thinking. To this end, Boroditsky’s laboratory has collected data around the world, from Indonesia to Chile to Turkey to Aboriginal Australia. Her research has been widely featured in the media and has won multiple awards, including the CAREER award from the National Science Foundation, the Searle Scholars award, and the McDonnell Scholars award, as well as being named an Utne Visionary (one of 25 visionaries changing the world selected by the Utne reader.