Ricardo Manzotti

Paper: Does situated consciousness reveal something important about the structure of the physical world?

Consciousness is an opportunity to probe into the deep structure of reality - the Spread Mind Model suggests that consciousness is indeed identical with processes temporally and spatially extended beyond the boundary of the skin.

Riccardo Manzotti is Professor of Psychology at the Department of Behaviour and Psychology, IULM University, Milan (Italy) since 2004. Previously he spent four years as a research associate at LIRA-Lab, DIST, Department of Computer Science, Robotics, and Bioengineering. He got a degree in Philosophy and another in Electronic Engineering. He also got a PhD in Robotics at the University of Genoa.

Since 1998, he continuously focused his research on the physical underpinnings of conscious experience – how is consciousness related with physical processes. He has been working in apparently separated fields like artificial intelligence, science, philosophy of mind, neuroscience, and robotics.

In 2008, he co-edited a book on artificial consciousness and in 2010 he edited a Situated Aestethics. Art Beyond the Skin. Imprint Academic. He published several papers on consciosuenss, ontology, and machine consciousness.